Illness or Injured Policy

 If a student is ill or injured and feel that they need to be excused from physical education then they will need to bring in a letter from their parent or guardian.  This will have to be handed to the physical education teacher at registration of that lesson.  Students are still required to attend this lesson as this letter will excuse them from physical activity but not from the lesson.

Furthermore students will be required to bring their physical education kit and get changed. This means students are still taking part in the lesson in another role. We expect All students to get changed even if injured and take part in the lesson in another capacity (coach/leader/official). Students should attend the lesson with extra kit to keep warm and dry etc. This ensures that everyone is taking an active role in the lesson.

For long-term absenteeism, a doctor’s note will be requested.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about PE at Lawrence Sheriff School.

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