The authorised School fitter is: Webb Ellis Clothing, 5-6 St Mathew’s Street, Rugby, CV21 3BY - (01788) 567777 (Daywear).

 Good quality used uniform can be obtained via the school office (donations for purchases can be given).

Sixth form

Although an official school uniform is not worn in the sixth form, the dress code is that both male and female students should be dressed appropriately for a formal business environment. The dress code should be adhered to when attending school and on school outings, unless specific permission is given to the contrary. 

The sixth form male dress code is a plain dark business suit, business shirt, tie and dark shoes and socks.

The sixth form female dress code is a plain dark business suit, which may be a trouser, skirt or dress suit. Skirts and dresses must be at least knee length. A business blouse/shirt, black, navy or neutral tights and low-heeled dark shoes.
Discreet make-up may be worn.

For all 6th form students no suit should be too tight and should be of a non-clingy fabric.
A plain dark V-necked pullover may be worn under the suit jacket when it is cold.
A clean-shaven appearance or a neatly trimmed beard are acceptable.
For Health and Safety reasons the only permissible visible jewellery is a pair of small ear studs.

Bursaries are available to help towards uniform costs.

If you have any questions about this dress code please contact Mrs Halestrap, Head of Sixth Form.

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